Young Artist Recitals

Young Artist Recitals provide students of all levels and abilities who are studying with a MAPTA teacher the opportunity to perform in a friendly public setting.  Pieces are not required to be memorized.  Teachers are asked to keep their total recital registration for a single event within a 10 minute time limit.

MAPTA policy states:

1) Teachers must meet the Young Artist Recital registration deadline.

2) MAPTA has the goal of 2 recitals of 45-50 minutes each.  Then,

3) if 2 recitals are not filled, there is no time limit for each teacher, and

4) if 2 recitals are filled, the chair has the discretion to limit teachers as he or she sees fit to meet the 2 recital goal.


All recitals are held on Sunday afternoons at St. Mary’s Care Center, 3401 Maple Grove Dr., Madison.  The venue will be open at 1:30 with the first recital starting at 2:00.  If a second recital is needed, it will begin at 3:00.


Recital Dates and Registration Deadlines:  

Date                                    Registration Deadline 

Sun.  Nov. 6                        October 27

Sun.  Dec. 4                        November 24

Sun.  Feb. 19                     February 9

Sun.  Mar. 26                    March 16

Sun.  May 7                      April 27


To register, please send the registration form (available on the MAPTAwebsite) to the chairperson, Brian Hagen, by the registration deadline.  You may also choose to e-mail Brian at To guarantee inclusion, the submissions must be sent by the registrationdeadline with the following details:

1.  Name and age of student(s)

2.  Name of piece(s) and composer(s)

3.  Level and minutes of playing time for each piece

4.  Teacher’s name and phone number (e-mail if available)

5.  $5.00 per student performing

6.  Self-addressed stamped envelope for recital time

confirmation (unless registering by e-mail)


If one chooses to e-mail the above information, the $5 must be given to the chairperson no later than the date of the recital.  Confirmation of your recital time will be sent either in a self-addressed envelope or by e-mail no later than a week before the recital.  Please make all checks payable to MAPTA.


Chair: Brian Hagen

1013 Acewood Blvd. #G

Madison, WI 53716